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Educators MUST Actively Teach Writing Skills in Elementary School

July 3, 2019


While is it widely accepted that reading and writing are the fundamental skills taught within the elementary classroom, the reality is that one is getting much more attention than the other. Although reading and writing go hand and hand, reading instructional time greatly outweighs writing instructional time.

We live in a technical age, and while some may believe that literacy skills are less important today than in the past, this is simply not the case. The digital age has made literacy even more important, as written communication is an important skill in most workplaces and one that most companies say is of greatest weakness amongst their employees. 

Consider this: most professionals spend one third of their time reading and writing emails therefore, it is easy to assume that written communication is the primary form of correspondence in most offices. 

Elementary school teachers pride themselves on providing their students with the foundational building blocks for skills needed for life. Writing instruction must be a huge part of this foundation. Early introduction to fundamental writing skills allows for more practice opportunities. More practice will lead to MASTERY! 

Give writing instruction its warranted place in classroom instructional time!

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